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Discover the famous Culinary Adventure program

with French chef Marie-Pierre

and share her experience !


     More than just recipes and techniques, this adventure introduces you to the best of the French and Provencal way of life - a life based around friends, the kitchen, wonderful food prepared from the freshest local ingredients, good wines and amazing liquors.


     You will learn the secrets of the Mediterranean-Cretan diet. You will create with the chef a fragrant aioli - that incomparable golden pomade, you will prepare a real bouillabaisse or even a paella! You will taste the freshest fish broiled, flamed or poached in a local white wine. You will enjoy the simplicity of a Provencal soup, the amazing chicken "with forty garlic cloves" served with a red gratin (tian), the wonderful strawberries or mango soufflé or a delicious traditional lemon tart, and many other famous French recipes…


    Marie-Pierre cooks in Provence during the summer season. Her culinary art emphasizes also the Mediterranean ingredients (Cretan diet) such as olive oil, garlic, herbs, fruits, vegetables, fishes, wines and bread which are well known to be the source of "one of the most healthiest diets in the world".


     For your convenience, Marie-Pierre can organize a full vegetarian cooking session. Most of the Provencal recipes are vegetarian as vegetables, herbs and fruits are the main ingredients. For you, she will adapt the meat and fish recipes to your diet. For example, a "tofu" Grand Aioli is a wonderful dish that you will never forget.




Dear Marie-Pierre ,


We have had a perfectly wonderful time with you, learning many recipes. You made it so very easy to breakdown what we initially thought were complicated recipes, but to our great joy & surprise, extremely easy & beautiful to look at.

A plus of course is that we did not gain any weight! I think it is the terrific wines we drank! You are very personally lovely people, so patient & forthcoming with tricks of the trade.

(Johanna & George B., CA. USA)                                                      read more comments


Discover  the Mediterranean diet


"Olive oil, garlic, fresh herbs, vegetables, fruit,

fish-seafood, cereals, bread and, to a lesser degree,

   lean meat, cheese, milk, eggs, and red wine with every meal” 


     According to today's understanding diet of nutrition, this is one of the most balanced and healthiest on earth. Once again, an ancient culture may offer amazing lessons to the people of today.


     A comparative study among several developed countries, which began in 1960 on behalf of seven countries, has a group of about 700 Cretan men from the countryside under medical observation, regularly checking the state of their health: so far this group has had the lowest percentage of deaths caused by heart attacks and different kinds of cancer. This study has also shown the Cretan population to be the longest living one!


      Discover with Marie-Pierre the Cretan eating habits, and how to promote your health and longevity and to improve friendship or team skills.


     Invite your friends and relatives to join you, and to have a lof of fun!

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